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The virtual reality application to practice speeches on your mobile phone.

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Next to practicing with the Public Speech trainer application, you can be part of the Public Speech Anxiety Study. This study contains a pre-screening in which you can receive your public speech anxiety results for free. Once you are qualified for this study you will receive assignments and questionnaires before and after each training session. Results of this study can be send to you within 21 days. The Speech Anxiety Trainer contains 3 training sessions:


This 360° environment shows an empty lecture hall. Take a good look around, practice your presentation and get used to the feeling of standing in a lecture hall.


Displays the same lecture hall with only a few people as an audience. 


The lecture hall will be filled with an entire audience who will be listening and watching you during your presentation.


We have chosen for an easy design with basic functions. Image number one shows the interface of the application in which you can choose out of 3 sessions.

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