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Public Speech Trainer is an initiative of Loes Ketelaars, CEO of in cooperation with Erwin Peters. The application is the world's first scientifically tested VR version that focuses on public speech anxiety. The application enables you to practice your speech on your mobile phone. Research showed a significant drop in speech anxiety after a month of practice with the public speech trainer. Two versions are made: one for the Oculus and Samsung VR Gear and one for Google Playstore. You can download the application in the Playstore right here. However, if you are interested in a more extended version of the Oculus or Samsung VR please contact us. We are very much busy with further developing the Public Speech Trainer and research. Information about cooperation with universities and companies can be found in the section cooperation.

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Public Speech trainer consists out of 3 training sessions:


This 360° environment shows an empty lecture hall. Take a good look around, practice your presentation and get used to the feeling of standing in a lecture hall.


Displays the same lecture hall with only a few people as an audience. 


The lecture hall will be filled with an entire audience who will be listening and watching you during your presentation.


We have chosen for an easy design with basic functions. Image number one shows the interface of the application in which you can choose out of 3 sessions.

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Hi, we are the creators of Public Speech Trainer. Do not hesitate to contact us.

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        Currently we are developing and testing the application further. Soon the results of the study will be available at Stupar-Rutenfrans, S., Ketelaars, L. E. H., Bastiaens, S. P., & Van Gisbergen, M. S. (2016). Beat the fear of public speaking: Does the 360° video virtual reality exposure training in home environment reduces speech anxiety? Cyberpsychlogy, Behavior, and Social Networking.

        We are working together with different universities in The Netherlands and companies. We provide licensees to for example speech companies and customise the application entirely to their wishes. Other features are currently being added such as different types of audiences, locations, heart-beat measurements and speech recognition. In case of universities and students, we are also happy to work together on research matters. Send an e-mail and let's talk about it.